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An American Teaching English in South Korea

What's it really like to teach at a Korean hagwon? Here's the word from someone who's done it successfully.

Korea has thousands of these private academies. Unlike public schools, they don't require an education degree or a teaching certificate. If English is your native language, and you have a bachelor's degree - in any field - you can be an ESL / EFL teacher. (See requirements.)

Margaret spent a year in English instruction at Best Language Institute in the city of Kangnung (Gangneung), part of Kangwon (Gangwon) Province, near South Korea's eastern seaboard. This is her story of that year.

Korea and hagwon teaching have changed since Margaret lived there. How could they not? Still, every time we revisit Korea, we find that some things don't change. If you're considering spending some time in the Land of the Morning Calm, maybe what she learned about Korea will help you, too.

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