Considerate parking (September 2000).
(Please read this before you copy our photos or text.)

Despite a few reversals (and a near-meltdown in 1997), Korea is still very much on the fast track to prosperity. Like every other growing economy, what drives (sorry) them is cars. Actually, these days (again like everyone else), it's more SUVs and vans than cars. This is partly fashion and partly the result of some changes in Korea's tax laws.

So, parking space is getting scarce. As in Europe, cars even park on the corners.

Can't find a space in a parking lot? You'll just have to double-park. That's what the driver of this white Kia Pride did on a warm, sunny day in the early autumn of 2000. But he left the car in neutral, with the wheels pointed straight. If the driver who's blocked in returns before he does, all it takes is a (careful) push.

Don't want to leave it in neutral? Now that everybody in Korea has a mobile phone, you can just put your mobile phone number on a card on the dash. Maybe you wouldn't do that in the States, but nobody thinks twice about such matters in trusting and trustworthy Korea.

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