They're what kind of donuts? (June 2000)
(Please read this before you copy our photos or text.)

Korea still has a fascination for All Things Western. That includes our food, and sometimes it seems as if the more unhealthy the food is, the more interested they are. Franchise restaurants keep popping up, many times pushing out the old family-run operations. Some of these, such as the noodle shop chains, serve somewhat modernized Korean food. But surprise surprise, plenty are western-style fast food takeouts. And again, the more western they look, the more likely they are to be hits.

Take PFC, for example. They run a chain of fried chicken takeout places. No, "PFC" is not a typo. It's no accident that PFC sounds a lot like KFC, and the logo looks a lot like the KFC logo.

Here's another one. Margaret shot this photo of a doughnut vendor doing a brisk trade at the 2000 Tano Festival (Gangneung Dano). Check out those boxes. Looks like Dunkin Donuts has moved in, doesn't it? Look closer.

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