The Millenium Hourglass at Jeong Dong Jin Beach (March 2000).
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Remember the late 1990s, when everything was "millenial"? Korea's politicians even had a Millenium Democratic Party (fairly successful until they crumbled from infighting and scandal).

For once, here's a millenial item that deserves its name. The first grains of sand trickled through the Millenium Hourglass on the first of January, 2000, marking the days and hours to the new millenium on the first of January, 2001.

It's made of stainless steel. The symbols round the clock's "face" are the Chinese zodiac signs.

When this photo of Margaret and her friend TJ was shot in March, 2000, it looked like the glass was running just about on time -- you can see that almost a quarter of the sand has run through. It stayed on time, too. Margaret was at Jeong Dong Jin again on New Year's Eve, this time with her friend Christine, to watch the sand run out and to see the hourglass turn over.

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