John does his Richard Nixon impression at Kyongpo Lake (March 2000).
(Please read this before you copy our photos or text.)

One of the ways your students will make life a little easier for you is that they'll have English nicknames (and if they don't already, you'll get to figure some out for them).

So, this is John. Real name: Jang Won June. He's the son of Best Language Institute's director, Mrs. Kim.

Margaret shot this photo in early 2000. Mrs. Kim had told her that John was 11. At first she figured he was just small for his age. Not quite. In 2000, John was really only 9 by our reckoning. Korea counts age differently. As soon as you're born, you're a year old. Then, at the first lunar new year after your birth, you're two.

Obviously, John's a lot bigger now. In fact early in 2009 we got a card from him. He's now in university, and he's decided that John's too common an English name. So he's now Matthew.

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