Milk is still delivered in Kangnung (late 2000).
(Please read this before you copy our photos or text.)

Look around the web at the ESL teachers' websites and blogs. Quite a few of them will try to tell you that Korea is like the US was in the 1950s. At least they used to -- Korea is changing fast and that comparison is rapidly becoming obsolete.

It was never a very good one anyway, but Korea does have a few things that we codgers who were around in the 1950s and early '60s in the US remember. This is one of them -- milk deliveries. When Margaret and I were kids, the milkman still dropped off bottles (later cartons) in the insulated coolers on our porches. In Korea, a half-century later, the milk trucks are motor scooters, but they still deliver to homes and apartments.

But how much longer? As more and more Koreans buy cars and move to the more fashionable, edge-of-town apartments, will they start getting their milk at the mega-markets, just as Americans do?

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