What's a little PDA among friends? (Seoul, L; Kangnung, R; May 2004)
(Please read this before you copy our photos or text.)

Things are changing fast for Korea, but they're still a bit more shy than the US or Europe about PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) between men and women. However, it's not at all unusual to see two girls or women holding hands, or walking arm in arm. You see boys and men cozy up to each other somewhat less often, but it does happen.

Any older Korean will tell you with absolute certainty that there are no gays in Korea. They manage to keep saying this in spite of the celebrities who have come out since about 2000. And it has an intriguing side effect. It frees Koreans to almost do as they like with other people of the same sex. Since there are no gay Koreans, same-sex PDAs are never really PDAs, are they?

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