September 2000

May 2004
Taking a break.
(Please read this before you copy our photos or text.)

Above you see a couple of the vendors in Kangnung's central market, catching a couple dozen winks as they wait for customers.

Now, where else would you see this? Certainly not in the US; but in Korea, they're unlikely to lose anything to theft. For one thing, it just isn't much done. For another, the "it's his problem" attitude of some Western societies (such as ours) hasn't taken hold, at least not yet, in Korea. The other vendors (or customers) would raise a fuss and probably collar the culprit.

Actually, you see this a lot. I suspect that Korea's "palli, palli" (hurry, hurry) culture and a strong work ethic make for some seriously sleep-deprived people. As in Japan, nodding off on the subway and buses is common. So, apparently, is sleeping on the job -- at least for the self-employed.

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