A Valentine gift (February 2001).
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Koreans celebrate Valentine's day on the 14th of February too, but their approach is a bit different from ours. This is the day when women give gifts to their sweeties. The men treat their women on White Day, a month later (the 14th of March). The unattached are not forgotten. They get Black Day, yet another month later in April.

Just as in America, candy is dandy, but you won't find prefab heart-shaped one-pound boxes imprisoned in red cellophane. Instead, each chocolate comes elegantly wrapped as if it were a tiny individual gift. You pack a whole collection of these wee presents into a decorative box (which the candy pusher will also gladly sell you) and present it to your lucky valentine.

Korean chocolates are OK, by the way, but not at all on a par with Belgian or Swiss chocolates. Even some of the better Hershey's chocolates can top them. But nobody I know of beats Korea for classy candy packaging.

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