Christina, in Inchon at Christmastime [Dec 2000], and her kids [May 2010]

Christina was a teacher at Best Language Institute when Margaret first arrived in Kangnung in February, 2000. She was one of the first Koreans Margaret met. She helped Margaret get oriented to Kangnung, took her round to see the sights such as Ojukon, and introduced her to Be and Be Coffeehouse.

In April of 2000, Christina left the hagwon and moved to Inchon. She was married in May. Margaret visited her in Inchon at Christmastime that year, and took the photo above.

Margaret and Christina are still friends. They trade email periodically, and exchange gifts at Christmastime. We visit her and her family on every trip to Korea. Her kids, Christie and Christian, are incredibly cute - and they're growing up fast.

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