Mrs. Lee Sang Hee, former teacher at Best Language Institute. [May 2000]

Mrs. Lee was (and is) Margaret's best friend in Korea. Her husband is the founder of Best Language Institute, and his sister is Mrs. Kim, the institute's director when Margaret taught there. (She's since sold the school.)

While Margaret was living and teaching in Korea, Mrs. Lee helped her time and time again. She was a translator (sometimes over the phone) and a guide for tough situations. She helped Margaret with quite a few of the basics, such as setting up her phone service.

Mrs. Lee was born in Korea, but she lived in the US for 23 years, and became an American citizen. She kept her US citizenship for many years after returning to Korea, and all three of her kids are officially American citizens. She gave up her American citizenship in the mid-2000s, for the sake of her husband's political ambitions.

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