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I've created this website for those who are already in Korea teaching as well as for those who are interested in coming to Korea to teach. I hope to eventually cover every possible topic. If there is something you'd like to know about and I haven't written about it in this website, please e-mail me at [address deleted].

I've been in Korea since July 1997--I'm one of those lonely few who survived the initial IMF crash. I am writing my honest impressions of teaching and living here.....nothing has been spiced up because it's simply not necessary. As any teacher will readily say, teaching is throw yourself into a foreign country on top of that, and you've got yourself an adventure.

my guestbook.
my guestbook.
Information for Prospective Newcomers
What goes in the suitcase
and what stays at home

What to bring for students

What to ask the resident foreign teacher

(before you come to Korea)

How do Koreans treat foreigners?
Weird Racial Prejudices
Why non-white teachers might want to consider a different destination

Women's Issues

Stuff female foreign teachers might be interested in

Foreign Life

Day-to-day survival as a resident alien
Little Bits of Differences
surprising little things

General Teaching Advice

good for new and established teachers

Internet Access

Where to find it and what it's like


What we're all afraid to admit we fear

An Insect's Life

Battling Godzilla mosquitoes
Information for ESL Teachers Already in Korea
No Classes for Foreigners?!
Is your city so small it offers nothing?

Signing on for Another Year
When you love your job so much you just can't leave after one year

Finding a New Job
When you're ready to move on....

University Positions
Did you know you can work at a university without a master's?
Cooking Konglish
Easy recipes for those who can't spend hours preparing the elaborate dishes described in cookbooks
When Murphy's Law Takes Over Your Life
What to do when you are stuck in a bad situation in school and want out
Links to Other Valuable and Interesting Sites
A Teacher's Life in Korea
This website belongs to my best Ulsan friend, Barbara....she tells you the stuff I don't, like where to shop and what to drink.
Dave's ESL Cafe
I'm sure you've heard of this site. If not, you can find a vast variety of resources for ESL teachers and students here. You can even look for a job.