Shoes just inside a traditional restaurant.  Why are they all black?

Koreans traditionally bury the dead under mounds.
Burial Mounds

Traditional houses in Kangnung.
Traditional-style Houses

Kimchi pots on a flat rooftop.
Kimchi Pots

Campaigners hold up photos of their candidate.
Political Campaign

Peering through a fence at a game of paduk.
Watching Games

Calligraphy as a Spectator Sport.
In the Park

Low-tech snow and ice removal -- using idle soldiers.

Kids strike an standard pose.
Impromptu Pose

Margaret and student Randy on a rainy night in Kangnung.
Margaret and Randy

Koreans often walk arm in arm.
Good Friends

Older Korean women still carry baskets on their heads.
Good Posture

A scrap dealer collects recyclables.

Grey skies from Korea's smog problem.

Restless restroom -- a "squatter closet"

Traditional wood-fired ondol (in-floor) heating system.
Ondol Heating

A place to fill water jugs or stop for a sip.
Public Spring

Treats for your Valentine.
Valentine's Day

Sights & Places

Kangnung throws a birthday party for the Buddha.
Buddha's Birthday

Kyongju World Expo mascots -- cartoon characters made of flowers.
Kyongju World Expo

Rainbow Bridge on Sogumgang.
Rainbow Bridge on Sogumgang

Chinese graffiti, found on Sogumgang.
Chinese Graffiti

The Millenium Hourglass at Jeong Dong Jin Beach.
The Millenium Hourglass

At Kyongpo Beach on a hazy day.
Kyongpo Beach

Seaweed dries on a barbed-wire fence at Kyongpo Beach.
Seaweed Drying

Squid dries in the sun near Kyongpo Beach.
Sunny Squid

John (Jang Won June), 9 years old by western reckoning, 11 years old by Korean.
John at Kyong Po

Margaret rode this amusement ride -- once.
The Viking at Kyongpo

Modern art sculpture.
Sculpture at Kyongpo

Totems stand at the entrance to Songyojong.
Welcome to Songyojong

Servants' quarters at Songyojong.
Inside Songyojong

A typical small room at Songyojong, set up for public display.
A Typical Room

A monument at Ojukon -- a turtle carries a stone column on his shell.
Ojukon Monument

Ojuk (black bamboo).
Ojuk (black bamboo)

This small building displays replicas of Yi Yul Guk's book and inkstone.
Uhe-gak at Ojukon

The three ducks guard Kangnung at Ojukon, on a tall pole.
Jintobaegi at Ojukon

Traditional colorful painting.
Roof overhang at Ojukon

In Korea, the East Sea; in Japan, the Sea of Japan.
The East Sea

Many people have added to this large rock pile.
Everyday Shamanic Worship

Fresh flowers carefully placed in a tree.
Flower Offering

Sangwon Temple, first erected in the 7th century.
Sangwon-sa Temple Includes audio

The oldest temple bell in Korea.
Sangwon-sa Temple Bell Includes audio

Housing for the monks at Sangwon-sa.
Sangwon-sa Temple Dormitory

A Buddhist bows to the pagoda at Wolcheong-sa Temple in Odaesan National Park.
Buddhist Bows

Four Kings.
Four Kings

"Grandfather figures", made of basalt, on Cheju Island.
Cheju's Mascot

Cartoon characters on the park's sign make it look like an amusement park.
Hallim Park

Cheju almost looks like a rain forest.
Lush Vegetation

Water carrier figures show how precious water was on old Cheju.
Water Carriers

A tree nearly blocks the sidewalk on Cheju.
Living With Nature

Getting Around

$4 a gallon price signs show the most obvious cost of driving.
The Cost of Driving

Just as in the US, these "offroads" seldom go off road.
Bigger and Bigger

Taxis and buses are easy to find in Korea.
Public Transportation

Double Parking with Courtesy.
Considerate Parking

Diagonal parking in a parallel spot.
Growing Traffic

One of the few imported vehicles in Korea -- a US-made plastic kiddie car.
Imported Car.


Selling cellular phones from a street kiosk.
Selling Handphones

A full meal delivered to your door, chopsticks included.
Korean Takeout

Colonel Sanders leads a fast-food invasion of Korea.

Doughnut boxes with an unexpected name.
Pseudo- Franchises

A festive display in front of a newly-opened store.
Grand Opening

The modern way for the street vendor -- a pickup truck.
Truck Vendor

The old fashioned way for the street vendor -- a hand-drawn cart.
Cart Vendor

This milk-delivery scooter certainly isn't as quiet as an English milk float.
Milk Delivery

Vendors ride the bus with their bundles of vegetables to sell in the traditional market.
To Market

A vendor with fresh vegetables for sale.
Selling Vegetables

Offering fish for sale in the traditional market.
Fish Seller

A vendor in a traditional market stall catches 40 winks.
Low-key Sales

A used appliance store sign:  "Home Electron of Slightly Used Artiele"
Recycling I


Three of BLI's teachers take a break.
BLI Teachers

First grade students in the classroom.

Not Quite Posed -- right after class.
After Class

Hallowe'en dress-up for all ages.
BLI Hallowe'en Party


Kids demonstrate that you can even eat Jello with chopsticks.

No stroller needed.
Baby Pack

Korean kids under a tree on a playground.

Middle school students' uniforms.
School Uniforms


Cranes on Kyongpo Lake symbolize happiness, good luck, and long life.
Favored Birds

A small, purebred dog -- one of Korea's more fortunate dogs.
Lucky Dog

A small dog, evidently much pampered.
In the Pink

The signs claim that petrified frogs can cure many physical ills.
Petrified Frog Cure?

A vendor at Tano Festival 2000 uses a chimp in his pitch.
Primate Pet

Growing Things

Peppers set out to dry in the sun on a public sidewalk.
Food Processing

Rice dries over a highway guardrail.
Rice Drying

A partial rice harvest.
Unfinished Harvest

A farmer tends his fields toward the close of the growing season.
Tending the Fields

City apartments are within sight of rice fields.
No Suburbs

Vegetable gardens such as this one are Kangnung's green space.
Gardens Everywhere